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Program oultine ETOPIM 8, CRETE, JUNE 7-12, 2009

This program was one which expanded upon the major themes of past ETOPIMs, but which also leapt off into the exciting new emerging research areas of our field.

The updated Poster program is located here

Sunday 7th June, 2009

16:00 - 18:00 Registration & Poster set-up
18:00 - 19:30 Welcome Reception

Monday 8th June, 2009

7:00 - 8:00 Breakfast (for those accommodated in Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel)
8:00 - 8:50 Registration & Poster set-up
8:50 - 9:00 Opening remarks
9:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session ~ Chair: Costas Soukoulis
9:00 - 9:45 Martin Wegener, Photonic Metamaterials: Quo Vadis
9:45 - 10:30 Ad Lagendijk, Light propagation in disordered media
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 1-2
11:00 - 13:00 Concurrent Symposium 1: Metamaterials I
Chair:  Vladimir Shalaev
11:00-11:25 Victor Veselago, About Energy, Linear Momentum and Mass Transfer by Electromagnetic Wave in Negative Refraction Media
11:25-11:50 Andrey Lagarkov, Losses in Metamaterials: Restrictions and Benefits
11:50-12:05 Lei Zhou, Manipulate light propagations and polarizations through meta-materials
12:05-12:20 Alex Shuchinsky, Metamaterials Made of Patterned Planar Metallic Pairs
12:20-12:45 Ricardo Marques, Extraordinary transmission and fish-net metamaterials from a unified perspective
12:45-13:00 Alexandre Aubry, Mimicking a negative-refractive slab by combining two phase-conjugators
11:00 - 13:00 Concurrent Symposium 2: Random-media / Transport Properties I
Chair: David Bergman
11:00-11:25 Bart Von Tiggelen, Three dimensional Anderson loalization of elastic waves
11:25-11:50 Valentin Freiliker, Total disorder as an alternative to perfect periodicity
11:50-12:05 Alexey Yamilov, Criterion for light localization in random amplifying media
12:05-12:20 Nykolay Makarov, Anderson Localization in Correlated Random Structures: Photonic Crystals, Metamaterials and Electron Superlattices
12:20-12:45 Allard Mosk, Control of Light Propagation in Disordered Photonic Materials
12:45-13:00 Peter Markos, Electron transport in strongly disordered structures
13:00-17:00 Lunch break
17:00-18:30 Poster session & Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 3-4
18:30-20:00 Concurrent Symposium 3: Metamaterials II
Chair: Andrey Lagarkov
18:30-18:55 Willie Padilla, Tailoring the Blackbody with Metamaterials
18:55-19:20 Richard Ziolkowski, Passive and Active Metamaterial-based Electrically Small Radiating and Scattering Systems and Their Applications
19:20-19:35 Steven Cummer, Active and Tunable RF Metamaterials
19:35-19:50 Radu Malureanu, Design and Fabrication Activity Towards 3D Negative Refractive Index Materials in the IR Region
18:30-20:00 Concurrent Symposium 4: Random-Media II
Chair: Bart van Tiggelen
18:30-18:55 Diederik Wiersma, A Levy flight of photons
18:55-19:20 Philippe Bouyer, Transport properties and anderson localisation of coherent matter waves in optical disorder
19:20-19:35 Stephan Smolka, Spatial Quantum Correlations Generated by Multiple Scattering of Squeezed Light
19:35-19:50 Elena Chaikina, Competition between lasing modes in random fiber lasers
20:00 Dinner


Tuesday 9th June, 2009

7:00 - 8:50 Breakfast (for those accommodated in Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel)
8:50 - 9:00 Housekeeping
9:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session:
Chair: Eleftherios Economou
9:00 - 9:45 Min Qiu,Transformation optics and its perspectives
9:45 - 10:30 Satoshi Kawata, Plasmonics nano-imaging with nano-tip and nano-rods
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 5-6
11:00 - 13:00 Concurrent Symposium 5: Transformation Optics /Acoustics – Cloaking - Chair: Sir John Pendry
11:00-11:25 Vlad Shalaev, Transforming Light with Photonics Metamaterials
11:25-11:50 Sergei Tretyakov, Metamaterials as field-transforming media
11:50-12:05 Sebastien Guennau, Harmonic and biharmonic cloaks
12:05-12:20 Andrey Serebryannikov, Non-Ideal Multifrequency Cloaking Using Strongly Dispersive Materials
12:20-12:35 André Nicolet, Generalized Cloaking and Optical Polyjuice
12:35-13:00 Steven Cummer, Transformation Acoustics
11:00 - 12:50 Concurrent Symposium 6: Nanocomposites/Biocomposites
Chair: Ken Golden
11:00-11:25 Ping Sheng; Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes: An Update*
11:25-11:50 Ruben Barrera; Optical properties of turbid colloids
11:50-12:05 David McKenzie; Ellipsometry for Investigating Structure in Adherent Biocomposite Layers-a Comparison of Propagating and Non Propagating Fields
12:05-12:20 Alexander Baryshev; Photonic Tamm structures utilizing gold sponges
12:20-12:35 Merel Leistikow; Size dependent emission properties of colloidal CdSe quantum dots for applications in metamaterials
12:35-12:50 Polina Kuzhir; Multi-wall carbon nanotubes in microwaves: response properties and applications
13:00-17:00 Lunch break
  Concurrent Sessions 7-8
17:00-18:05 Concurrent Symposium 7: Metamaterials – Cloaking
Chair:  Graeme Milton
17:00-17:25 Ross McPhedran; Cloaking by anomalous localized resonance: principles, problems and possibilities
17:25-17:40 Robert Kohn; Near-cloaking by change of variables for Helmholtz
17:40-18:05 Igor Nefedov; Periodic array of finite-length carbon nanotubes as a planar metamaterial
17:00-18:05 Concurrent Symposium 8: Plasmonics
Chair: Dmitry Chigrin
17:00-17:25 Sergey Bozhevolnyi; Plasmonic nano-circuitry
17:25-17:40 Nikolaos StefanouComplex Plasmonic Nanostructures and Optical Metamaterials:Studies by the Layer-Multiple-Scattering Method
17:40-18:05 Alejandro Reyes-Corronado; Can fast electron beams move plasmonic nanoparticles?
18:05-18:35 Coffee Break
  Concurrent Sessions 9-10
18:35-20:10 Concurrent Symposium 9: Metamaterials
Chair: Lei Zhou
18:35-19:00 Gennady Shvets; Non-reciprocal chiral fibers as optical isolator
19:00-19:15 Constantin Simovski; Metamaterials with nearly zero permittivity for cavity-and-surface enhanced Raman scattering
19:15-19:30 Nicola Bowler; Non-Periodic Isotropic Dielectric Double-Negative (DNG) Metamaterials
19:30-19:45 Pavel Belov; Hyperlenses Based on Tapered Arrays of Wires
19:45-20:10 Dorota Pawlak; Self-organization and Metamaterials
18:35-20:00 Concurrent Symposium 10: Photonic Crystals
Chair: Masaya Notomi
18:35-19:00 Clivia Sotomayor-Torres; Coupling of Excitons and Plasmons in nanoimprinted 2D polymer-based Photonic Crystals
19:00-19:15 Andrey Kalish; Slow Light Phenomenon and Enhancement of Magnetooptical Effects in Photonic Crystals
19:15-19:30 Alexander Merzlikin; Degeneracy of Bragg reflection upon magnetization in magneto-photonic crystals
19:30-19:45 Ian Povey; Interface modes in colloidal photonic hetero-crystals
19:45-20:00 Mikael Rechtsman; Upper bounds on photonic bandgaps
20:00-20:15 Irina Khromova; Resonance Frequency of 3D EBG Cavities. Effective EBG Resonant Transmission Scheme
20:30 Conference Dinner ~ a special Grecian event!


Wednesday 10th June, 2009

7:00 - 8:50 Breakfast (for those accommodated in Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel)
8:50 - 9:00 Housekeeping
9:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session ~ Chair:  Alexei Maradudin
9:00 - 9:45 Mark Brongersma; Plasmonics: The Next Wave of Chipscale Technologies
9:45 - 10:30 Concita Sibilia; Non-linear photonic systems
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 11-12
11:00 - 13:00 Concurrent Symposium 11: Plasmonics Chair: Alex Schuchinsky
11:00-11:25 Mark Stockman; Ultrafast, Nonlinear, and Quantum Nanoplasmonics
11:25-11:40 Alex Schuchinsky; Dispersion and Losses of Surface Plasmons in Au Films
11:40-12:05 Pavel Belov; Effects of Strong Spatial Dispersion in Nanostructured Multilayered Metal-Dielectric Optical Metamaterials
12:05-12:20 Tao Li; Efficient control of optical polarization by hybrid plasmonic excitations
12:20-12:35 Ping Bai; Integration of Plasmonics into Nanoelectronic Circuits
12:35-13:00 Martyn Pemble; Colloidal Assemblies that Include Metals
11:00 - 13:00 Concurrent Symposium 12: Non-linear systems ~
Chair: Sebastien Guennau
11:00-11:25 Yuri Kivshar; Nonlinear physics in periodic photonic structures
11:25-11:40 Alexander Popov; Coherent Nonlinear-optical Energy Transfer and Backward-wave Optical Parametric Generation in Negative-index Metamaterials
11:40-12:05 Wiesiek Krolikowski; Managing Light in Nonlinear Disordered Media
12:05-12:20 Ilya Shadrivov; Bistability of Anderson modes in nonlinear 1D structures
12:20-12:35 Nikos Lazaridis; Bulk and Surface Breathers in Binary Metamaterials
12:35-13:00 Eugenio Mendez; Coherent effects in the sum frequency generation at randomly rough surfaces
13:00-16:30 Lunch break
  Concurrent Sessions 13-14
16:30-18:00 Concurrent Symposium 13: Plasmonics
Chair: Sailing He
16:30-16:55 Alexei Maradudin; Transformation of surface plasmon polaritons by surface structures
16:55-17:20 Alexandra Boltasseva;  Metal-dielectric structures for plasmonics and metamaterials
17:20-17:45 Boris ChichkovTowards passive and active plasmonic components and metamaterials
17:45-18:00 Sheng Chung Chen: A Research of Plasmonic Energy in Regular and Irregular Gap between Silver Nanowires
16:30-17:55 Concurrent Symposium 14: Photonic Crystals
Chair:  Ilya Shadrivov
16:30-16:55 Masaya Notomi; Adiabatic Frequency Tuning of Ultrahigh-Q Nanocavities
16:55-17:10 Dmitry Chigrin; Non-Markovian Emission Dynamics in Finite-Size Photonic Crystals
17:10-17:25 Alexander Baryshev; Magnetophotonic crystals with various designs: enhanced and reverse Faraday rotation
17:25-17:40 Stefan DeclairNormal Mode Coupling in Photonic Crystal Nanocavities
18:00-18:30 Coffee Break
18:30-20:15 ETOPIM Medal Chair: Ross McPhedran
18:30-18:45 Ross McPhedran; ETOPIM association and ETOPIM medal
18:45-19:30 Bertrand Halperin; Rolf Landauer and the physics of inhomogeneous media
19:30-20:15 Medal ceremony
20:15 Dinner

Thursday 11th June, 2009

7:00 - 8:50 Breakfast (for those accommodated in Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel)
8:50 - 9:00 Housekeeping
9:00 - 10:30 Plenary Session ~ Chair: T. Gavrielides
9:00 - 9:45 Nikolay Zheludev; Twisting the Double-Helix of Light with Metamaterials
9:45 - 10:30 Nader Engheta; What to do with Extreme Metamaterials
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 15-16
11:00 - 13:05 Concurrent Symposium : Metamaterials IV
Chair: Ruben Barrera
11:00-11:25 Sir John Pendry; Time Reversal and Negative Refraction
11:25-11:50 Mathias Fink; A time-reversal approach to super-resolution
11:50-12:15 Ortwin Hess; The Trapped Rainbow Effect: Slow Broadband Waves Through Negative Interfacial Phase Shifts
12:15-12:40 Graeme Milton; Electromagnetic circuits
12:40-13:05 Vadim Markel; On impossibility of negative refraction
11:00 - 13:10 Concurrent Symposium 16: Random and percolated media  Chair: David McKenzie
11:00-11:25 Alexey Vinogradov; Band Theory of Light Localization in 1D Disordered Systems
11:25-11:50 Kenneth Golden; Climate Change and the Thermal Evolution of Transport and Microstructure in Sea Ice
11:50-12:15 Matteo Zaccanti; Transport and localization of ultracold atoms in disordered optical media
12:15-12:40 Augusto Garcia Valenzuela; Particle sizing from the effective refractive index of colloids
12:40-12:55 Alexander Myroshnychenko; Effective complex permittivity and continuum percolation analysis of two-phase composite media
12:55-13:10 Gregory Samelsohn; Diffuse Time Tomography of Random Media
13:10-16:30 Lunch break
16:30-18:00 Poster session & Coffee break
  Concurrent Sessions 17-18
18:00-19:45 Concurrent Symposium 17: Metamaterials
Chair: Constantin Simovski
18:00-18:25 Sailing He; Transmission enhancement and harvesting of light with nano-antennas and metamaterials
18:25-18:40 Philippe Tassin: Slow Light with Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Metamaterials
18:40-19:05 Andrey Sarychev; Collective Phenomena in Active Metamaterials
19:05-19:30 Yakov Strelniker; Manipulating the Transparency and other Optical Properties of Metamaterials by Applying a Magnetic Field
19:30-19:45 Cumali Sabah; Transmission Measurement of a New Metamaterial Sample with Negative Refraction Index
18:00-19:40 Concurrent Symposium 18: Electric, magnetic, electronic  properties
Chair: Ping Sheng
18:00-18:25 David Bergman; Composite Media under the Influence of a Strong dc Magnetic Field
18:25-18:40 Sergey Skipetrov;  Nonuniversal dynamic conductance fluctuations
18:40-18:55 Ali Soltani Vala;Tunable Defect Modes in 2D Photonic Crystals by Means of External Magnetic Fields
18:55-19:10 David McLachlan; The Role of the Non Universal Static Dielectric Constant in the Scaling of AC Conductivity Results
19:10-19:25 David Tanner; Evidence for inhomogeneous electronic properties in the infrared spectra of  manganites
19:25-19:40 Fritz Keilmann; Infrared Near-Field Microscopy of Insulator-Metal Transition
20:00 Dinner


Friday 12th June

7:00 - 8:50 Breakfast (for those accommodated in Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel)
8:50 - 9:00 Opening remarks
  Concurrent Sessions 19-20
9:00 - 10:25 Concurrent Symposium 19: Metamaterials & plasmonics
Chair: Pavel Belov
9:00-9:25 Jason Yang; Membrane Type Acoustic Meta-materials
9:25-9:40 Roland Tarkhanian; Plasmon-Polaritons in Negative Index Gyromagnetic Media
9:40-9:55 Viktor Myroshnychenko; Modelling the Optical Response of Metal Nanoparticles
9:55-10:10 Brian Stout; Modelling of coupled resonant structures - Applications to Plasmonic and morphologic resonances
10:10-10:25 Alexander Dorofeenko; Filtering Evanescent waves and related phenomena
9:00 - 10:25 Concurrent Symposium 20: Non-linear and active media
Chair: Alexander Popov
9:00-9:25 Georgios Kopidakis; Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Disordered Systems
9:25-9:40 Julian Sweet; Nonlinear Reflectivity of Fibonacci Quantum Wells
9:40-9:55 Andrey Sukhorukov; Slow-Light Dynamics in Nonlinear Periodic Waveguide Couplers
9:55-10:10 Vladimir Belotelov; Giant Transversal Kerr Effect in the Plasmonic Systems
10:10-10:25 Igor Nefedov; Amplification Characteristics of 2D Photonic Crystal Structure With Active Medium
10:25 -10:55 Coffee break
10:55-11:25 Concurrent Symposium 21: Nanomaterials & Plasmonics
Chair: Peter Markos
10:55-11:10 Joachim Hermann; Supercontinuum generation in colloids containing silver nanoparticles
11:10-11:25 Ilya Ryzhikov; The role of nanopores in photoconductivity of CdSe-CdS granular films
10:55-11:25 Concurrent Symposium 22: POF
Chair: George Tsironis
10:55-11:10 Vassilios Kovanis; Ultrafast Diode Lasers Via Strong Optical Injection
11:10-11:25 Andrew Docherty; Increased numerical aperture in air-clad microstructured polymer optical fiber using a split bridge cladding
11:25-12:25 Closing discussion
14:00-16:00 Session 1: Metamaterials School


Saturday 13th June.

Metamaterials School continues

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